ALL IN ONE JUST $1000 p/m





Advertising is the fast deveşoping industry in the world when you add your conten here you will have the opportunity to influence your customers in multiple ways.

1_Virtual Advertisement is the most preffered by the enhancement through the internet and andorid phone technologies.Instagram,Facebook are the most used ones.
In this page you will have the chance to place your companies social media logos and direct your clients to your own accounts.

-5 Banners
-5 Videos
-10 photos of your company

2_Content helps you to explain your services in details.Right below your virtuals you will be announcing your services and explaining the content of your those virtuals and about your company

3_Forms,here you will be to place your own forms with the specific informations and dependents you wish to have.Ex:Dates,Places,Name,Title etc.

Those forms can be directed straight into your emails which you to collect online applications and/or orders.

Fields with (*) are compulsory.


4_Online Store & Online Checkout,At this page you can collect payments from your customers.You can implement different types of services,educations,products.Simply,you will ahve an online store belongs only to you.All payments will be directed to your accounts from your customers.

You Can Accept Payments

1_Credit Card
3_Crypto Currency
4_Money Orders
5_Wire Transfers to your Bank Accounts

System will produce automatic invoices based your request

5_SEO,Search Engine Optimisation,you can create your own keywords and meta description the way your page get listed by GOOGLE and other search engines.Remember google will liste based on your content,keyword and description of your advertisement page.Here you can simply do it all by yourself the way you wish to.This means after a while your page will be listed at the first page of google results at your preferred search keywords.

6 ADWORDS,you can use this comprehensive page for your adwords ads on google.WHY?because after a while your page will start being at the first pages on google results and you won’t need to pay adwrods forever.

6_More than 10 language support.You create one advertisement page here at our system and system will automatically translate it to more 10 languages listed on our menu.You can also request additional languages.When you create one page at your own language here meaning you have additional pages at other languages already without bothering to write in different languages and/or trying to pay additional fees for translation services.

Önceki İçerikAmerikan Üniversitelerine ve Yurtdışı Eğitime Olan Talep Artışı Nedenleri…
Iy. Tay.
Visa Yurtdışı Eğitim sitesinin genel yayın yöneticisiyim.Konusu eğitim olan hatta 18-50 yaş grubunu ilgilendiren hemen her konuda tabiki eğitimle ilgili olarak bilgiler toplayıp sizleri sürekli gelişmelerden haberdar etmek için çalışıyoruz.Sağladığımız yurtdışı eğitim konuları,üniversiteler,dil okulları,vizeler,seyahat,konaklama,turizm,sinema tamamen güncel olup dünyanın birçok ülkesindeki üniversite dil kursu seyahat acentası otel havayolu gibi kurumlarla sürekli işbirliği içerisinde gelişmeleri ve haberleri sizler için yayınlıyoruz.Aynı zamanda uluslararası öğrenciler için ofislerimizde birebir destek ve danışmanlık hizmetlerimizde devam ediyor.


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