Salı, Ağustos 11, 2020

Jennifer +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Flight Tickets

Responisble in assisting Visa customers with their flight arrangements.

Andy +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Hotel Booking

Responisble in supporting Visa clients with their Hotel and Travel reservations.

Leon +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Tourism &Travel And Car Rental

Supports Visa clients with their holiday packages,bundles arrangements,vacations and car rentals.

Aslı +90 530 348 32 34

CRM Manager Schengen Visa

Helping all schengen visa related issues and all types of schengen visa applications to all countries under schengen umbrella.

Maria +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager USA Visa Application,Visa Change,Citizenship

Provides assistance for visa applications from outside the USA,helping students and tourism travelers with their visa related problems,chnage of status and green card application support.

Turgut +90 530 348 32 34

CRM Managaer UK Visa

Assisting Visa clients about UK visa related inquiries and inside the UK visa status changes,UK work permit and citizenship,outside the UK visa applications.

Mike +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Internship&Training

Manages the Visa students interrnational internship and trainig programs applications in co operation with employers.


CRM Manager University Placement

Responsible for all Visa clients undergraduate,graduate,cetificate,all diploma programs and school registrations in co operation with unievrsities and education institutions admission departments.

Cenk +90 530 348 32 34

CRM Manager Language Schools

Following up international students school registrations for Canada language schools,the USA language schools,UK language schools, Australia,Germany, Malta,Italy,Austuria,Spain and other countries language schools.

Aylin +90 530 348 32 34

CRM Manager Summer Camps

Helping families and 12-18 years old age group students summer school program registrations for the UK,USA,Spain and other countries.

Huang Li +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Online Shopping

Manages Visa online store to help Visa clients online shopping asistance,product support,online payment support,package delivery trackings.

Allison+1 845 834 43 40

CRM Manager Student Housing

Supprots Visa students with their hosuing needs.Initial housing arrangement or housing and/or room finding and changes.Student landlord relations.

Anna +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Cinema,Fashion And Sport

Operates Visa cinema and fashion pages.Keeps visa clients upto date about international fashion shows,upcoming movies,online film and show webportals.Arranges travels to participate international fashion shows,art exhibitons,music festivals,cinema events in coperation with international organisators

Deny +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Insurance

International insurance for tourism travellers and international students.Long and shor term affordable insurance plans.

Anna +1 845 834 43 30

CRM Manager Digital Marketing

Visa websites advertising manager including all,,,Article,Video,Text and all other advertisements at our systems.Designs special ADS for Visa advertiser clients.Creates marketing campaigns for Visa clients.Controls the VisaForum memberships,registrations and members needs at our system.